Another WAX First: the Chain Champs Pack Simulator

Written on: Dec 1, 2021

What’s better, buying the pack or buying the contents?

Normally you would need to pull up the drop tables, see what’s been opened, sum it all up, and calculate the relative probabilities… OR you could use our pack simulator with all the math already done, and a buy cheapest button for when the odds are in your favour.

How does it work?

We offer simulation of all packs using the neftyblocksp, atomicpacksx, or unbox.nft pack contracts. This includes most of WAX’s largest collections, like Farmers World, Beast Gardens, Hot Wheels, and Funko.

How do I find the simulator? Take the Packs link in our header, select the collection & pack you are interested in, and SIMULATE!

You can find our Pack Simulator here in our top menu.
From the drop-down menu in the top center, we can pick which collection’s packs we want to open.

Today, we’ve decided we want to simulate a pack from the Beast Garden collection.

We are selecting Beast Gardens from our drop down menu to see which packs they have!

This is where the fun begins – tap away at each card to reveal what you’ve unpacked!

Here, we’ve revealed 2 of the 5 NFTs we got in this pack. You’ll see that the TOTAL EV value has been updated. On the left, you can see the Buy interface.

On this page, you can do two things:

  1. Simulate opening a pack.
  2. Buy the lowest-priced actual pack on the marketplace.

Each simulated unpack is FREE, so open to your heart’s content. Tap on each card to flip it and see what you get. At any point, you can click “Reroll” to simulate a new pack!

So how do I buy a pack?

You can buy the cheapest pack on the market by clicking on the “BUY LOWEST” button on the Buy interface, as seen below.

The buy interface has a Buy Lowest button. Tapping this does not immediately buy the pack, you will still have a confirmation screen.
Upon tapping the “Buy Lowest” button, you will be presented with a confirmation.

Try your odds and share your good luck, tweeting us on twitter or sharing in our community discord.

We are always looking for things to add and welcome constructive feedback, so if there’s something you want to see in our pack simulator, or elsewhere, let us know!

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