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TRUST Scores available on chain

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How it started

About a year ago, we announced our dive into the world of analytics and data with the launch of TRUST, in partnership with MyCloudWallet. This initiative brought TRUST Scores to dApps on WAX.

Since then, we’ve received substantial feedback. A recurring question was, “How can we implement this in our project?” While TRUST Scores have been accessible through the MyCloudWallet APIs, we recognized that this method did not fully meet everyone’s needs. Often, more detailed insights about users are necessary, even when they are not actively connected to your app.

The Solution

We’re a Web3 company, we develop solutions for the blockchain. TRUST Scores should be on the blockchain and available for everyone to access whenever they want, however they want. By now, TRUST Scores will already be available on chain, on WAX. You can view the TRUST contract here: TRUST Contract,and explore the source code and the meanings behind the scores here: TRUST Github

How does it work?

The TRUST Score contract is updated weekly to reflect the latest scores for active WAX accounts. If an account does not appear, it indicates temporary inactivity. We optimize storage and processing by updating scores primarily for active accounts, but we reassess and update scores for reactivated accounts as necessary.


Another great part about being on chain is that other contracts can directly access the TRUST Score tables and integrate the data however they see fit. A simple use case would be limiting access to your contract to only the most active accounts, or blocking out accounts that are suspected of being bots.

What else can it do?

Our paid APIs extend the functionality of TRUST Scores by offering additional features. These include tagging accounts with specific labels such as “Hoarder,” “Profiteer,” or “Wash Trader.”

Furthermore, our system can identify accounts that might be connected or suspected of common ownership, providing deeper insights for security and compliance purposes.

How accurate are the scores?

Our tests show that TRUST Scores are highly accurate, with our bot detection mechanisms rarely misidentifying activity. However, we acknowledge that no system is infallible. If you notice any discrepancies in your score, we encourage you to reach out to us on our Discord server and we’ll look into the problem.

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